What’s with all the ‘anon’ hate?!?!

The majority of the guys that I follow receive hate messages/questions (to which they usually shut down with shady retorts and witty gifs), but why is this happening at all? Did they put Haterade on sale at Walmart? Are all you ‘Bear-gina George’s trying to rewrite the Burn Book?

Newsflash: If you don’t like something of sexual nature (unless they’re a minor, or rape/incest, etc.), it’s not your responsibility to tell them whether you dislike it or not! You are NOT doing the public a service, and all it does is make you look stupid! These guys are consenting adults, and as long as they’re not hurting themselves or other people, it’s nun-ya-business! I like throwing as much shade as the next gay, but there’s a line between being shady and being an internet bully.

So remember y’all: if you like something, you could put a ring on it. If you don’t, go somewhere else!